Mount Shasta

Mount Shasta in located to the south of lake shastina. Mount Shasta is an active volcano, but has not erupted for a very long time. Mount Shasta is considered a high risk volcano due to it’s location near population centers. There are many small towns located near Mount Shasta, California. The towns of Weed, Mt. Shasta and McCloud are all located at or near the base of Mount Shasta. Beautiful Lake Shastina, in located slightly farther from the base of Mount Shasta than the other three (3) communities, but satellite photos show what may have been substantial Lava flow in the local vicinity over the last few hundred years.

Mount Shasta, California is a popular tourist attraction. It offers year round recreational activities, and is less than an hour drive to the Oregon border to the north. Hiking, fishing, camping and snow activities offer people many ways to have fun.

Mount Shasta is located in Siskiyou County. As of the 2010 census, the population was approximately (44,000) Forty-Four thousand people.