Boriding and Boronizing Companies

Over the last few months, I have become very interested in how to treat metal part such as pumps, piping, drilling tools and similar parts to reduce wear and corrosion. I have learned that Boriding (Boronizing) vapor diffusion coatings create extremely hard surfaces and coatings on base metals such as steel. The process of boriding metal parts deals with parts being packed in boronizing compounds and they are heated in furnaces around 1500 degree Fahrenheit for many hours. This causes the boron molecules to bond to the surface of the metal forming a coating a few microns in depth. This is enough to make the parts outer surfaces many times harder reducing wear and extending the parts useful life.

One of the companies I have been dealing with is VaporKote Incorporated located in Anaheim, California. They are able to treat parts up to 25 feet in length and deal with companies in many different industries where corrosion and wear are concerns. If you would like further information on steel treatments to reduce wear and corrosion they may be reached at VaporKote, Inc.
1270 N. Grove Street, Anaheim, CA 92806 USA . 
Their telephone number is (714) 632-8607

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